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September 5th, 2009

The Media are a Bunch of Idiots (from


Jon Stewart got it wrong. Stephen Colbert got it wrong. Every major media outlet talking about “guns in bars” got it 100% wrong.

You can’t carry a firearm into a bar in Tennessee. Period. It’s simply a lie.

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March 7th, 2009

Biased Liberal Media Favors Dog Safety to Human Safety

Human Safety or Animal Safety - Which one is more important?  Gun control advocates in the media want you to believe that guns are dangerous, and that nothing can prevent that.

One might extrapolate that the death of a human being – a young teenage woman – is apparently of little or no importance when compared with a story illustrating how Gorilla Glue poses a low-risk danger to dogs’ health, at least that’s how it might appear when reading news from KSL. ran two stories in as many days, one describing the ill effects Gorilla Glue can have on canines, and the other indicating that a young woman was accidentally shot in the head and killed by a negligent discharge of a firearm yesterday evening. Yet, the story involving the tragic loss of human life only amounted to a 90 word essay, while the doggie drama garnered a full 14x more attention, totaling 1,285 words in all.

The story of a labrador who had ingested the honey-like glue spoke at length about the details of how the dog became sick over a few weeks time, underwent an operation, and eventually returned to health. Following the story were numerous tips for keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy, all details which were apparently mined from the ASPCA website.

Our question is simple: where are the safety tips and information for gun handling after the article which discusses the terrible loss of human life due to gun negligence, (which also stems from simple ignorance just like the glue incident)? Isn’t this a much bigger issue than all the world’s glue-eating dogs? Why doesn’t KSL (or the other media outlets) take time to list out, for example, the four rules of gun safety, or point to websites that teach parents to educate children on matters of safe gun handling and respect? The disparity between these two topics on a site such as KSL’s makes the answer ever more clear: the liberal media wants you and I to think guns are the problem, and that the only solution is to rid ourselves of these dangerous threats permanently.

Fortunately, we have an extensive amount of data from both the UK and Australia’s gun control scheme to know that less guns means more crime (in the UK, violent crimes skyrocketed after guns were banned – to a rate of more than 10 times that of some our most violent cities here in the US), and we also learn that when you take the guns away from law-abiding citizens, you simply create more victims for the criminals who will never disarm.

It’s upsetting to see the subtle (and not so subtle) attack on human rights and our basic freedoms by the left-wing liberal media simply because they fear that which they don’t understand. I myself grew up fearing guns. My parents taught me they were bad. Once I decided to learn for myself whether or not guns were volatile and evil, I soon realized that as with many tools, firearms have specific uses, purposes, and rules. If you disrespect any of these uses, purposes, or rules, you risk endangering the lives or safety of yourself and others.

During my research, I have also noted that the same dangers exists with bodies of water such as pools or bathtubs, with dangerous drugs, substances, and chemicals, and with automobiles. Yet, nobody is calling for an out and out ban of bleach, bathtubs, or Buicks, when in fact all of these are far more responsible for death than annual firearm accidents, and in most cases, even all firearm deaths combined each year (suicides, murders, and deaths through negligence/accident).


Drunk Drivers commit more homicides annually than gun carriers

For instance, in 2005 there were a reported 43,667 automobile deaths in the U.S., compared with 30,694 gun-related deaths. Of those automobile related deaths, 16,885 were a result of drunk driving, compared with gun related homicides which totaled 12,352 total deaths. However, this number includes homicides by law enforcement, and self defense (justifiable or excusable homicides), a total number which is best estimated to be between 2,000-3,000 of those total homicides. This means that drunk driving deaths are anywhere between 150%-200% higher annually than homicides, and 2,100% higher than gun accidents. Why not call for the banning of alcohol instead of stripping people of their God-given right and responsibility to defend themselves? Then again, prohibition didn’t seem to work, either.

KSL and Nadine Wimmer have once again shown their true colors when it comes to dishonest, biased reporting. They simply abuse the power of their position in order to push their agenda to the unsuspecting public. Shame on you, KSL and Nadine Wimmer. Your bias is evident. You’re an insult to America, and an insult to Utah.

February 20th, 2009

Liberal Media KSL 5 Reports, So does StandardNet…

Once again, liberal media portrays guns as an unsafe and irresponsible dangerous weapon that only the “professionals” should handle. In the latest installment, KSL 5 in Utah reports that the Brady Campaign against the Bill of Rights to Prevent Violence has graded Utah on the safety of their gun laws. The score: 4 out of 100 possible points.

Dee Rowland of the “center for abolishing rights of responsible citizens, but not criminals” Utah Gun Violence Prevention Center agrees with the Brady Campaign and it’s claim that Utah’s laws help feed the illegal gun market.’

There’s really no such thing as Utah’s illegal gun market, at least not what they’re referring to. They are simply using propagandist and inflammatory catch phrases here.

‘”Such as the gun show loophole (doesn’t exist), where you can go to a gun show and purchase a weapon without a background check,” she said.’

This is not true. Any gun sale completed involving an FFL gun dealer in any gun show in Utah requires a background check. Private sales, however, don’t require such a check. So, by their definition of the “gun show loophole” (which doesn’t exist) we also have the Catholic Church Loophole, the Police Station Loophole, the Elementary School Loophole, the College Campus Loophole, the Private Residence Loophole, the Chucky Cheese Loophole, the trashtalking-liberal media-Civil Rights hating-morally inept KSL Classifieds Loophole, and even the Golden Grandma Luncheon at the Senior Citizen Home Loophole. This, my friends, is much MUCH more dire than previously thought. This must certainly mean that virtually every gun in Utah is illegal, and it’s all due to these dangerous loopholes. meh.

‘The report card also criticizes Utah’s lack of limiting bulk gun sales’

You can buy a 6, 12, or even 24 pack of beer at any major convenience store. Drunk driving deaths are twice what gun deaths are annually, why not limit “bulk beer sales” first if saving lives is really the concern of these morons?

Paul Helmke, spokesman for the Brady Campaign says lawmakers “have done nothing to improve the state’s reputation when it comes to common sense gun laws.”

Good. Keep it that way. “Common sense gun laws” is an oxymoron. This is akin to saying “Friendly Murderers”, or “Responsible Rapists”. Gun laws don’t stop criminals, they simply aid and abet them.

StandardNet Puts It Into Perspective For Us

The highest score, 79, went to California. Utah, with a score of 4, was tied for next-to-last place. We’re presumably meant to infer that California, with its extensive and complex web of state and local gun restrictions, is a much safer place to live than Utah, where, for example, virtually any law-abiding adult can get a permit to carry a loaded handgun. However, the Brady report says nothing about actual crime rates. According to the 2007 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, California’s violent-crime rate (522 violent crimes per 100,000 population) was more than twice as high as Utah’s (235 per 100,000), and the murder rate in California (6.2 per 100,000) was nearly triple that of the Beehive state (2.2 per 100,000).

Furthermore, preliminary figures for 2008 put Utah’s murder rate at about 1.5 per 100,000, which is lower than Canada’s. Ergo, Utahns needn’t necessarily feel distressed about their state’s low Brady score. For that matter, perhaps they should even be proud of it.

N. W. Clayton
Director of Communications
GOUtah! (Gun Owners of Utah)

June 19th, 2008

A Message to Journalists – Study Your Code!

News reporting of late has become so skewed and twisted, it leaves one to wonder what really drives the opinions of these so-called “unbiased reporters”. My thoughts? News is money, controversy is cash, and after years of opposing major public opinion for years in order to ‘stir the pot’, our country’s news agencies have developed a belief system that, generally speaking, finds our country and it’s freedoms abhorrent. It’s shameful, disgusting, and appalling. We must speak up about this blatant disregard for truth in reporting – the breaking of a code which as I understand it is a journalists 1st Commandment – and call them to remember what they represent and act accordingly, or leave. Dan Rather, anyone?

Check out these two media clips below, both issued about the same time. The first is reported by Fox News in Utah, the second by KSL. How different are the tones of the reporter. The first report, while not a slam dunk for gun rights advocates, is moderate and factual in the reporting, not tilting to one side or the other. However, the second video is hard to defend as unbiased in ANY dimension. Check them out, and make a decision for yourself. And next time you turn on the news, remember to turn on your brain, as well. Oh, and shame on you Nadine Wimmer. Your bias is evident. You’re an insult to America, and an insult to Utah.

FOX Clip:

KSL Clip:

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE KSL CLIP ON THE YOUTUBE SITE WITH ANNOTATIONS. This will shed more light on just how biased this clip really is.

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