June 20th, 2008

Man protects neighbors, himself from attacking bear

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Howard Beasley, a power plant supervisor in the city of Galena, Alaska is responsible for saving the lives of his teenage neighbors as they were faced with an aggressive bear.

Howard Beasley noted that the large male black bear had been in the area recently feasting on moose calves. The bear’s foray into the town led it to explore backyards, garbage cans, and neighborhoods, too.

When Chris Kriska and his younger sister couldn’t scare off the bear, Beasley stepped in and took over.

“I went over there and happened to hear the neighbor’s dog barking and walked over and sure enough, here he comes walking out,” commented Beasley. “He was only about 30 feet away. He looked me straight in the eye with his head down and shoulders hunched up. He was not going away.

“So I threw down on him and shot him,” said Beasley.

Beasley used a 12-guage shotgun loaded with a slug to take down the bear.

“People came out and shook my hand, said it was the first good night of sleep they’d had in a long time,” Beasley said. “People were having nightmares. I had no idea it had such a big impact on people.”

Millan says the shooting is clearly justified.


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