February 20th, 2009

Non-Resident Defends Utah Concealed Weapons Permit

I have to say I generally agree with Arlo’s arguments, and feel that instead of whining about it, those in charge should consider how they can continue licensing out-of-staters properly, while eliminating the “cons” (no pun intended). For instance, Arlo urges BCI to charge more for non-res. permits, toughen requirements, and to everyone else: get a reality check. Protecting our God-Given and Constitutionally protected freedoms is a good thing, even if Utah has to do it for other states who find this unimportant!

I have a nonresident Utah concealed weapon permit. The editorial “Gun battle: Reserve Utah permits for Utahns” (Our View, Jan. 21) cites “three good reasons” to prevent nonresidents from acquiring Utah permits. Here’s my rebuttal:

1. Utah taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize the cost of nonresident gun permits. Agreed. Raise nonresident fees to subsidize Utahns or at least cover the cost.

2. There are no guarantees that out-of-state residents are properly trained. Utah requires that instructors be authorized by the state and teach according to its requirements. Toughen the requirements.

3. Disqualifying crimes committed in other states following permit issuance cannot be detected by Utah. Felonies committed anywhere disqualify one from owning guns. Local law enforcement checks backgrounds of armed felony suspects.

I work in Japan and am a resident of Hawaii, a “may issue” state that does not issue permits to private citizens. I was trained by a Utah-authorized instructor in Hawaii and took the required classroom instruction and live-fire training.

I haven’t used my permit in Utah or other states, but I am grateful I have the ability to do so. Utah is protecting the constitutional rights of Americans.

Arlo A. Brown
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Source: http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/ci_11555849

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