June 20th, 2008

Concealed permit holder stops bank robbery (VIDEO Link)

CANTON TOWNSHIP, MICH — A bank robbery attempt was foiled when Nabil Fawzi, an upstanding citizen took action and used his concealed handgun to stop the would be robber.

54-year-old Joseph Webster from Washtenaw County had entered the bank and quietly approached the teller window. He said nothing, but handed the teller a note telling her that he had a bomb strapped to himself. The teller hit the silent alarm and began stuffing a sack with $1 bills when Webster insisted she give him “bands of 50s and 100s.”

Little did Webster know that Fawzi, who had previously served in the Lebanese army for six years, was prepared for just such an occasion. After determining that the situation was safe, Fawzi pulled his concealed firearm–which he had a permit to carry–and cooly told the thief “You’re not going to rob this bank.” When Webster replied that he had a bomb, Fawzi merely responded, “I don’t care. You are not robbing this bank today!”

Fawzi searched the suspect for a weapon, then led him to a seat nearby, and waited for the police to arrive.

Fawzi has been hailed as a hero by locals in the town.



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