June 26th, 2008

Supreme Court Gun Ruling Imminent, and I Can’t Sleep

It’s only a matter of hours until the most anticipated Supreme Court ruling we’ve seen in years hits the shelves. I’m tired, yet I’ve not yet slept tonight as I’ve been too worked up over this ruling. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: WE MUST STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS! There is no reason why we, the majority, should be losing ground on issues that are most dear to us in the pursuit of our freedom and happiness. What are you doing to protect your God Given rights? Whatever it is, make sure it’s big enough to count. Certainly the attitude of our opponents, the gun grabbing left, will not relent until they have their way.

This is why we must use all of our strength to stand up and declare that this is America. Our country was founded by men and women who desired freedom, happiness, and rule of fair law above all else, even life. I encourage all of you who are reading this to do something today. Speak with your family on the importance of our constitution, make a post on your blog, obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit. Do something which will affect those around you, because until you do, the left will be heard, loud and clear.

So, no matter what happens this morning in the Supreme Court ruling (I believe strongly that it will be favorable based on the arguments), remember that nothing is permanent. If we want to keep our freedoms, we must protect them. Our forebears protected theirs and our freedoms with their lives. What would you give up to protect the same?

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