June 9th, 2008

England Speaks – The Eerie Silence Left in the Wake of Britain’s Gun Ban (VIDEO)

I decided that given the topic of this blog, it would be fitting to start off our posts with a bang here at RIKBA.com. So today we will examine what happens when government decides to disarm it’s people – and the people do nothing to stop it. Many advocates of gun control look to England as an example of how brilliant their own ill-conceived plan might be. Unfortunately, these same people take only a single page from a single day to compare misleading statistics from across the pond against our statistics here in the US.

In other words, they don’t look at the whole picture.

What is the whole picture, you may ask? Certainly a question worth asking, and here is the answer: when analyzing the effects of gun control in a society, one must look at many factors, such as:
-The number of violent crimes,
-The number crimes committed by the item in question (in this case guns),
-The number of crimes PREVENTED by the item in question, (never used as a factor by gun control crowds)
-The value of the alternatives to the item in question (i.e. knife, bat, scream for help, police, etc)
-The ability of government to control the item in question from the legal market, as well as the illegal, or underground market,
-The realistic ability of government to replace the protections provided by the item in question,
-And finally, probably most importantly, compare all of the above with unbiased statistics from both BEFORE and AFTER the implementation of said restrictions.

In the case of gun control, this test has always failed to show that gun control works in reducing crime. In fact, it shows exactly otherwise. I will follow up this post with some examples of how Britain’s crime has skyrocketed since the implementation of a total gun ban. In the meantime, watch the clips below to see what citizens are saying now that their rights have been stripped from them.

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