June 26th, 2008

2nd Amendment Solution – Gun Free Zones (VIDEO)

This one’s for you, Mayor Adrian Fenty. I hope your “gun free zone” begins it’s quick rot today, at 10am EST.

P.S. Though this video is meant to be satire, the message is so close to home it’s scary. How can the left not see that this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what gun laws produce?

In case you haven’t noticed, criminals, who don’t have a problem breaking laws – stay with me here – DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM BREAKING LAWS. That’s right. Just because a sign is posted or a law effected that states that crime is not allowed, thugs with evil intent in their heart will only and always do as their heart desires – evil. The only real balance that exists is equalizing the playing field. In the case of gun violence, this means more guns for the law abiding citizenry, not less. But fedora toting Fenty and his ilk just don’t get this simple logic. They prefer to live in candyland while innocent citizens die due to these lawmakers’ ignorance and stupidity.

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